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Journey to the West

Digital photography / 450mm*300mm
2016~2018 / Paris-London-Budapest-Prague

In today's globalization, travel for people is more of a behavior of consumption in leisure time. The camera in hands is the executant of image consumption, and the postures in the photo have formed a fixed pattern.

Out of the impulse to trace the origin of image perception, I collected a large number of photo albums, notes and memoirs about travelers from all countries of that era. It seems difficult to depict the scenery without cultural prejudice. But returning to the original vision and the initial perception of the image to complete the personal narrative through the method of image archaeology, I fictionalized a space-time traveler and his ID, put them in my suitcase, then taking him around the world and staring together the sceneries in front of us.


Fake Passport

Name: Won Tchan P'an
Age: 43 years
Nationality: Qing Empire

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