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I was born in a small town in the southeast coast of China, where is both traditionally closed and culturally mixed. This place has always been ignored as the border of the Central Plains culture. For this reason, it maintains the oldest and distinctive dialects and dramas here. In 1876, Chinese government signed an unequal “Yantai Treaty” with Western powers because of Margary Affair, this town began to open up and became a foreign trading port. With the continuous efforts of early Western missionaries, the town is always in two mixed cultures both the closed clan groups and migration with religious fervor. From the World War I to the Cultural Revolution, a large number of people in this town came to every corner of the world through smuggling or doing hard labor for the war. During the migrating journey, they built their own churches, and talked with their own God in their own dialects.

My works are concerned about the decomposition and reconstruction of individual spirit and culture during the migration. The comparison between reality and historical genealogy is the source of my inspiration, allowing me to see my own reality through perceptual appearance.

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