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Sealed Bridge

Short film / 13’02” 2014 / Rome, Italy

This is a film imitating the structure of wormhole about a lonely journey. Facing the statue of Saint Michel holding a sword and slaying dragon on the top of Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome, who would have known that a humble Chinese from the dragon kingdom was imprisoned here alone until his death 300 years ago?


Late summer of 2012, I went by way of Rome, lodged at a hostel facing the Sant'Angelo Castel, This was a former prison, now became a famous landmark. The shining lights of the castle through the window gaps straight on my bed every night, making it hard for me to sleep. The vain Chinese young man written in Goethe’s poem [Der Chinese in Rom] came into my mind, thus the world of illusions related to him had been expanded.

Sealed Bridge  (trailer)   / 01’51” / 2014 / Rome, Italy

Goethe's Fragment

Video installation / 5’09” / 2012 / Rome, Italy

The poem [Der Chinese in Rom] written by Goethe was bumped with the wind on the streets of Rome, tracking the whole process in a documentary.

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