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Dust Harbour

Short film / 12’30” / 2013 / Shenzheng, China
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This is a George Orwell-style allegory film. In 2013, I temporarily lived in Guanhu Village, separated from Hong Kong by Dapeng (big eagle) Bay. In the early 1960s, some young people swam and fled to Hong Kong because of the severe famine. Fragments of bones of those who were drowned and shot were often excavated.

The bones ground each other in the ocean currents of the bay until they became very fine dust and fell on the dock. Stepping on the fine sand, the man who used to walked on solid concrete will feel a strong sense of weightlessness and unreal reality:


The salty waves constantly rolled up foam to devour the beach, and rubbed sand gently; Fire-breathing pentagonal Asterias rose in the sky with the smoke to fly to the distant Fish Mountain’s back amidst the muffled rumbling thunder; the ancient giant horseshoe crab wearing its armor slowly crawled out of the sand, and the earth seemed to be torn apart. A banner that was made by the mummification of a Gecko fluttering in the wind and the fire, two Newts opened their sleepy eyes, staring at Echinoidea and Hippocampus rose high into the sky from the deep seabed, then disappeared into the pale yellow mist...

Dust Harbour  (trailer)   / 01’21” / 2013 / Shenzheng, China

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