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Waiting for Typhoon

B&W slide film projection with video installation
2015 / Shanghai, China

All that should come will definitely come, just as a typhoon, but it is not easy to forecast an accurate landing time.

Standing on the bank of the cloudy Huangpu River, one of the densest modern building complex in the world rose like the towering mountains in the misty landscape of clouds, shimmering in the structures made of medium-gray concretes, steels and glasses. That is the office area of China's fast-growing middle class, it must be full of sounds of busy phone calls and typing, covering up the wind roaring outside the window.

On the other side of the Huangpu River, the enjoyments of the tourists had not been spoiled by the uncertain weather, busy with selfies, group photos and wedding photos…… From the high-rise building, it looked like “Travelers among Mountains and Streams” painted by Fan Kuan, Chinese landscape painter at the Song Dynasty. People appeared extraordinarily small among the concrete mountains in the picture.


Stand High, Look Far

Installation / 2015 / Shanghai, China

The poem "On the Stork Tower" was written by Wang Zhihuan, a Chinese poet in the Tang Dynasty. It persuaded people to stand high and look far.

The modern economic prosperity has made Shanghai's buildings taller and taller, people's desires have also been getting stronger and stronger until nothing can be seen on the top of the building, only the clouds and mountains are left behind.

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